MICHELLE's Message of Thanks

One morning on my daily walk, I took a different path. This detour led me to somewhere that I was supposed to be.

Little did I know at that time, that God had another plan in mind for me. On my walk, I saw a sign in front of
Community of Christ Church located at 11910 Vance Jackson here in San Antonio with a message announcing a community computer lab open to the public.

What I desperately needed at that time fell right into my lap. My tech and computer skills were embarrassingly poor and I needed to get up to speed - fast.

I spoke to Miranda Cole, founder and Richard Cole, director of the lab, and they assured me that if I attended the lab, they would work with me to improve my tech skills which could only go in one direction - up. Richard wasn’t intimated by this, he saw it as a challenge. Jim Burdick and Patty Walker were also on hand to assist. Kathleen Cole’s one-on-one tutoring in a clear understandable manner greatly contributed to improving my skills.

Without Richard’s patience and calm mannerisms, taking things one step at a time, my website, would never have materialized.

Step by step, week after week we did a little bit at a time. There were times that I was exasperated; wanted to throw in the towel; give up and was close to tears. Richard always encouraged me - it was his persistence, determination and guidance that got me through this ordeal.
With my design background and Richard’s astounding tech skills we made the website a reality. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The lesson here is that God always comes through and gives you what you need. Although it may not be delivered on your desired time frame, he knows what’s best and has a plan for you.