Photojournalist, TV personality and designer Michelle Newman looks for a creative angle in all she does, whether it’s travel writing, photography or art.  

As a photojournalist, award-winning author, and accomplished designer Michelle's primary focus and areas of interest include culture, regional cuisine, design, art & architecture, handcrafts, and textiles. Michelle is intrigued by the cultural diversity represented through handcrafts. She initiated and implemented an arts and crafts program for woman and children on the Blackfoot Reservation in Alberta, Canada.

With her extensive background in television, print, and radio, Michelle translates and relays the essence of art and design in a clear, understandable manner for the artist and the non-artist. Michelle specializes in writing about unique design destinations in addition to the connection between culture and cuisine.

Her articles have appeared in AAA, The San Antonio Express-News, The Houston Chronicle, Native Peoples Magazine, Belle Armoire and other leading design publications. Michelle is WOAI TV's (NBC) "Travel Guru" and travel expert on the SA Living Show.

You can email Michelle at michellenewmandesigns@hotmail.com

Find her on Facebook at michelle.newman.543 or Instagram and Twitter @travelyenta 

Don't forget to see all of her videos at https://www.youtube.com/culturevulture18

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